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On June 7th 2007, Congressman John Wexler of the 19th District Florida, introduced the The Skill Game Protection Act H.R. 2610 . This was a big step forward for millions of Americans who had been turned into common criminals by the passage of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA). At the heart of the problem is the fact that many law abiding Americans enjoy playing games of skill against one another online. It is called recreation and the Bill of Rights and Constitution of the United States guarantee each citizen the right to the pursuit of happiness. According to Senator Barney Frank from Massachusetts, who is also questioning the legality of the UIGEA, it is not the government’s business to tell adult American citizens what they can do with their own money in the privacy of their own homes.So what is the difference between gambling and skill games? Also, what has happened to all the people who enjoyed playing poker and other card games online. Have they just stopped playing online games? To answer the first question, what is the difference between gambling and a skill game, we need only consider that skill means the outcome of a game is determined by the ability of the players. According to the act in section one paragraph two, “(2). While each of these games contains an element of chance, over any substantial interval, a player’s success at any of these games is determined by that player’s relative level of skill and is widely recognized as such.”For instance, a beginner poker player wouldn’t stand much of a chance in a poker game with experienced poker players. On the other hand, in a game of war, in which the turn of the cards determines who wins and loses with no skill or interaction by the players, it is merely chance that determines who wins and therefore is a game of chance regardless of how many times you play or how much experience you have. The difference is obvious.What has happened to online card players since the passage or the UIGEA? Many are still playing card games online through offshore venues, illegally. But many others have discovered skill games that are legal in many states and hosted by U.S. companies. Even video poker players have found poker games that they play against other poker players. Taking poker playing skill or video poker playing skill and using it against other players is challenging and a lot of fun. Many card game players who enjoy spades, hearts, cribbage, gin rummy and more are enjoying skill games as well. Skill game venues offer video arcade games, word games and card games. For people who have developed their poker playing skill it is a way to continue to enjoy the thoroughly American game of poker.When Congressman Wexler’s Act is finally passed Americans will be assured of the opportunity to enjoy their favorite skill games provided by American companies in the privacy of their own homes.

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Tips on observing your opponents is some of the best information you can get to increase your Texas Hold Em Poker game.The more you learn about your opponents in Texas Hold Em Poker, the better. The more information you have, the more fine tuned your gut feelings and reads are, the more you are able to beat the other players at the table.Tips, tricks and secrets mean nothing if you have no idea what cards your opponent has. Of course you’ll never know what they have, but you can get a pretty good idea of what type of cards they may have and that is better than nothing.Texas Hold Em Poker Tips – How To Exploit Your Opponents Play StyleOnce you have been at a table for 30 minutes or more, and you’ve been paying particular attention to your opponents and their style of play – and of course you have been doing this because you are an avid Texas Hold Em Poker player that follows all my tips and tricks – you should be able to put your finger on their exact style of play and be able to make judgements about the calls they are making and why.When you have, or think you have, determined your opponents’ style of play its a lot easier to play better against them. I.e. If you have determined that a certain player is very tight (tight as in the traditional sense, tight with money) and they go into a pot with a large raise you know that you definitely do not want to get involved unless you have an extraordinary hand, and even then you are cautious.Texas Hold Em Poker Tips – More Ways To Take Advantage Of Your OpponentsNow imagine a similar situation where a loose player brings it in for a raise and you don’t have much of a hand. Because you know this person will raise with almost anything you can follow fairly safely even if you have a good hand or don’t.Then you get to see the flop, you might pickup something, end up taking the pot and increasing your kitty. If not, you knew safely it was actually worth the shot. Whereas back to the tight player, you almost know it’s not actually worth trying.You need to be making moves that you believe will give you the advantage to win the pot. You cannot base this on blind guesses, you need information to make informed decisions. By observing your opponents you may be able to determine what their style of play is.You should make your decisions based on the type of opponent you are facing. Sometimes, this is one of the more difficult Texas Hold Em Poker tips to actually do/implement.